About Joe Marrella

Is your life is crazy busy? Has your health fallen from a top priority?


You may think you don't have the time for your health, but with the right plan, you can absolutely see a difference in your energy, performance and stress management.


As a Corporate Wellness Coach, and, an internationally recognized health advisor by Men's Health Network, Joe works as a private wellness coach to CEOs, executives, and others to get "return on investment" for their health habits. 


Driven to succeed? Joe will help you to formulate a plan by utilizing the skills you already have.


The time and travel demands placed on executives and managers often make it difficult for them to eat right and exercise regularly. "I enjoy motivating people to build in healthy habits, even on the go, so they can become fit, energetic and healthy," says Joe. "The transformation I've seen in my clients transcends the physical. They report a higher level of self-esteem, a more joyful attitude toward life and a desire to continue making positive changes."


As a sought-after Wellness Speaker, he has the knowledge on a variety of health topics, as well as a fun, interactive, powerful delivery that helps change lives. As a business owner and father of twins, Joe has a real-life perspective of what it's like to juggle competing priorities and still build in strong habits.


Through his past work at JM Fitness Associates, and strong relationships with affiliated health care professionals, Joe has earned the respect and confidence of his colleagues with his unique ability to move clients through pre-and post-rehabilitation of the total body for strength, functional stability and progression.


Joe holds a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education from Northeastern University. He keeps current with the latest research and attends conferences and product exhibition shows. He stays actively involved in industry issues through his membership in IDEA: The International Association of Fitness Professionals.


Contact Joe to help you assess your goals, and start getting on the right track to success.


Joe’s total wellness approach exceeded my expectations in many ways. My initial intention was to focus on rebuilding physical strength in my late forties.  What I didn’t expect were the additional benefits received through Joe’s coaching such as increased strength, flexibility, stress reduction, improved mental acuity and stamina.  These benefits absolutely improved my ability to perform better at work and make  healthier lifestyle changes that will benefit me well into the future.”

Jeff Hunt, Divisional President, Covidien


"Joe has an in-depth knowledge of physical fitness that has been of great benefit to me. He knows how to approach specific problem areas of the body with appropriate exercise techniques, and above all, knows how to do it safely. His vast knowledge of the field also allows Joe to refine exercise routines so they stay fresh more interesting and productive." Roger Forman, President, Marathon Company


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