Family Makeovers

Are you feeling so overwhelmed with the demands of raising a family and other responsibilities that health takes a back seat?


Is exercise a non-entity in your life but you know you'd feel better if you included it?

Do you need a source of help and inspiration to get your family back on track?


When you don't know where to begin, that's where WE begin.  We guide you through the most important changes you need first to get you on your way.


You tell us your needs, wants and what you're willing to do (at your pace and comfort zone) and we will be there to support you and make it happen. 


  • Do you envision walking up the stairs without getting out of breath?
  • Would you like to keep up with your children in their activities?
  • Does independence for life serve as a motivator for you?


All this is possible with your commitment to take the first step.  We help you work through all the obstacles that can occur even though you have very good intentions.  We help you get back on track when obstacles get in the way.


As they say in the airlines, you need to put your mask on first before your childrens.  If you are a role model for good health, there's a very good chance your children will follow in your footsteps and learn good habits as early as possible. 


Feeling guilty about taking time for yourself? STOP!  If you take the time to exercise, eat right and relax - you  are sending a message of self-care to your children. 


Contact Us to help put in a plan to take charge of your health, and get your family moving in the right direction.




What Families are saying...

"Their health and wellness guidance and resources combined with physical strength training has changed our lives and enabled us to pursue our dream: our rewarding and thriving horticultural business. We
are forever grateful." 
Tess McDonough-Ward & Tom Ward, Horticulturists
Sequencia Gardens


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