About Marrella Wellness

What does Health mean to you?


  • Being free of illness?
  • Waking up in the morning ready to tackle the day with vim and vigor and a positive attitude to match?
  • A lifelong commitment to eat healthy and exercise regularly?
  • Having energy to be at your best -- at work and with your family?


Purposeful health means consciously prioritizing and valuing your health so that you have the vitality to enjoy everyone and everything else in life -- family, work, relationships and more.


Marrella Wellness is committed to providing executives, individuals, groups, organizations and families with a message that "Health Can Be Fun."  With the right focus on small daily habits, and a commitment to action, we've seen the difference in people's lives.  


Our innovative strategies and solutions for work/life balance positively impact the health of not just one person, but the people that surround them. With an investment in health, employers and employees alike achieve both energetic and financial benefits.


We help you...

...Define your health goals (i.e.; be strong enough to lift the water jug or

   play a great round of golf)

...Create an Action Plan (i.e.; set up a program plan for strength training)

...Reach milestones (i.e.; increased your strength by 50%)


Marrella Wellness represents experience, competence, and knowledge as well as excellent people skills to deliver personalized programs for individuals, groups, companies and families. 


For our business clients, our approachable team of professionals has the education, energy, passion and mentorship to deliver successful and efficient improvements in employee morale, self-esteem and productivity, therefore reducing health care costs, absenteeism and staff turnover.


Joe and Gail have ten year old twin girls who are following in the footsteps of their parents.  They're active, energetic, and eat right (most of the time)... and you can do so too!     


"Every session has been physically challenging, rewarding and most of all enjoyable!" A. Wilson, Marketing Manager, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials

Copyright Marrella Wellness
Copyright Marrella Wellness