Looking for a fresh and fun approach to health and wellness?
Looking for a fresh and fun approach to health and wellness?

Sick of feeling run down, stressed or constantly tired?


Here's the Good News: It only takes one one good habit at a time to get healthy- and we can help you start now.   


Are you...

  • Stressed about the economy?
  • Part of a team that's working hard and just needs an energy boost?
  • Managing too many things and always putting your health last?
  • Trying to integrate healthy habits but never find the time?


With Marrella Wellness, you'll get Strategies with Smart Solutions!


Despite the uncertain economy, family issues, personal sickness or work stress, you can ALWAYS be better prepared for what comes your way if you're paying attention to your health.    


Imagine waking up as your day begins, feeling energetic and strong - ready to conquer the multitude of demands and tasks for the day.


At Marrella Wellness, we focus on the best programs that fit your busy lifestyle.  Streamlined, efficient and smart, our personalized approach helps individuals and teams:


  • Manage during periods of stress.
  • Find creative ways to build in exercise.
  • Build healthy habits into even the busiest workday.
  • Eat foods that boost your spirit...
  • and most importantly, sleep better!


As you tackle your daily to-do items, we help boost your health with tailored programs that help you feel emotionally and physically younger.


Our Wellness Coaching & Training can transform you from tired, stressed, and run-down to energetic, youthful, happy and balanced. 


Our Wellness Speaking and Workshops events help motivate, inspire, inform, and turn around the performance of your group. 


Let us help you get your team on the right track.  Our program is ONE STOP SHOPPING... as we think and speak about health and wellness holistically, including;

  •   Physical (Fitness).
  •   Emotional (Stress).
  •   Spiritual (Fun/Joy).
  •   Intellectual (Learning).
  •   Social (Connections).


Check the Speaking Section for your business organization or team, the  Wellness Coaching & Training section, or Contact us to discuss the best way for Marrella Wellness to Develop Strategies with Smart Solutions for you, your organization or your team.

The Buzz...

"Gail is a consummate health professional who is not only smart and enthusiastic, but knowledgeable about all aspects of wellness and exercise.  Over the past 14 years, Gail has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the many hours I need to spend at a desk, on the phone or on a computer each day.  She understands the demands on people's time and how to work fitness into your daily routine in a way that can make a huge difference in your life." S. Woit, President Riga Ventures


"Joe is an extraordinary wellness coach.  I was a client of Joe's for over ten years with excellent results.  With Joe's help I have the energy to perform at a high level and maintain a fit appearance. His knowledge of nutrition and exercise is unparalleled.  His personality, complete acceptance of people at all stages of fitness and patience are key factors in achieving results for his clients.” Mark J. Campbell, Executive Coach, M.J. Campbell Associates 


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